Evil Angel

Witaj strudzony wędrowcze. Przybyłeś do kwatery głównej gildii Evil Angel. Usiądź i odpocznij trochę. Podziel się z nami swoją historią i wsłuchaj się w trzask płonącego drewna w kominku.

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PisanieTemat: ENGLISH VERSION APPLICATIONS   Sro Cze 19, 2013 7:38 pm

In view of the fact that we recruit English-speaking players intercede for you design applications in English :


1 Name:
2 Age:
3 Write something about yourself (hobbies, school, work):
4 What days and at what time you can play:
5 Do you know someone from the guild, who would you recommend?:
6 Are you the sole owner of the account, or if you have to mail it?

7 Character Name:

8 A class / specialization:
9 Other forms of the HG (name):
10th You have a ressi set ( fire, shadow):
11th Link with HG armory:
12th SS from the login window as:

13th Experience Rally of HG:

TK -
MH -
BT -

14th In what guilds were before (the reason for leaving):
15th Do you accept the rules?
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Liczba postów : 652
Join date : 14/05/2013
Age : 28
Skąd : Konin/k.Poznania

PisanieTemat: Rules   Sro Cze 19, 2013 7:48 pm

Evil Angel borrowed

Evil Angel with an attitude PvE Guild. Guild Progress T5 now T6
Guild Master is the founder and the person managing it. Take all decisions relating to its affairs.
In the absence of the Leader of the Guild Officers take his role.
Angel takes care of the good name and image of the Guild.

Terms: 4FUN

1 The unity and coherence of the Guild is the leader in the form of Lara.
2 Guild Leader is infallible. The determinants of his power are his officers and will be members of the clan.
3 If the Chief misrepresents see section 2
4 Guild should blindly follow their leader anywhere and anytime.
5 Guild is a unity in its ideas and simplicity.
6 Guild makes each member of Evil Angel. Everyone.
7 Characters we care about like family. She will never abandon us if we stay.
8 All goods are common, augmented, and let us share them prudently.
9 Each member of the body, like every clan members should know their place, they should make the strongest part of this body.
10th Treason against the covenant, the covenant of any nation, the law of HG whose determinant is the covenant. Is punishable by a chamfer.

Terms and Conditions:

Each angel is obliged to:

1 Knowledge and acceptance of the rules.
2 Participation in raids progress. / / If avoiding degradation + note. Three such situations kick.
3 Holding inventory consumed (flask, food, oil) for raids / / no - 20 DKP, (during the raid progress - 50 DKP) / / exceptions: T4.
4 Enchantowania of your gear you and ogemowania the PvE / / exceptions: T4.
5 Seeded Addon'ów: Deadly Boss Mods, Timed, Group Calendar, PallyPower and for wizards and druids Decursive.
6 An account on the forum and mumble - valid nickname of the game.


1 The possibility of recruiting a leader and officers.
2 The Guild accept the people and not their characters in the game.
3 Each player is allowed to have three form provided the main and which that are Altami.
4 New can have a maximum of one character in the Guild. The exception, a person who has already degraded the other characters in the Guild.

The activity and the absence of

1 If you are planning a longer absence is obliged to inform the leader or officer. The scrap will be information about the planned period of inactivity. If you have trouble with the game to enter a note on the forum-Division Vacations.
2 The angel who is absent without notice in the Guild for more than 14 days, it is demoted to the rank of New / recover it if you resume activity in the game.
3 Angel, who is absent more than 30 days guild loses its DKP (Points are reset).
4 The angel who is absent without notice more than 60 days will be removed from the Guild with the ability to return when activity resumes (start from scratch).
5 A person who does not raid from two weeks gets a note some talking to do (No Raises Loot'u). NPL is removed after a week (or three raids) from the resumption of activity.
6 The person chronically absent from raids, will have zero DKP. (Eg participation in three raids per month.).
7 Leaving Guild kicks the rest of the Maine results in the form.
8 The person who left the Guild, but wants to return can not hope to recover the DKP. Start from scratch.

Guild bank

1 Guild bank manages the Guild Leader and Officers.
2 Bank tabs are divided by category - throw items where they belong.
3 Level access to the bank will be determined by the current rank in the hierarchy of the Guild.
4 New members of the rank not have direct access to the bank.
5 To the toss items that may be useful to other members of the Guild.


Raids start at 20:00 finish at 23: 30.

1 Information about all the raids are in the Guild Message.
2 Guild raid organizes and runs the guild leader or officer.
3 The composition of the raid leader or officer determined.
4 In the first raid involved people who were previously logged. / / Exceptions progress raids, demanding bosses.
5 The leader has the right to appoint a person to participate in the raid, if its presence is necessary to carry it out, then the person is required to attend the call. Exceptions - offline.
6 If we report on the raid, we try to stay on it until the end, leaving the raid without a cause shall be penalized.
7 Proposals events / raids hereby submit to the Leader or Officer who can be placed in GroupCalendar.
8 We roll Need for the current build.
9 Do not rolled over or disenchanting items on sale at a vendor - items which have passed all set to take the enchanter, disenchantuje them, and the materials deposited in the guild bank.
10th The raids, the system of DKP.
11th DKP Points are awarded per person.
12th Items are divided when bidding DKP / gold. The exception is Karazhan / ZA on site with a master loot and / roll.
13th If people with DKP points, they are not interested in the item without DKP players can buy it for Gold. DKP> Gold.
14th People of note some talking to do can buy items only Gold (they are excluded from the auction DKP).

Auctions DKP

DKP points are awarded after the distribution of loot.
Gruul's Lair - Roll (exception http://www.wowwiki.com/Dragonspine_Trophy)
Magtheridon's Lair - 10 DKP
Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye - 20 DKP
Mount Hyjal and Black Temple - 30 DKP
Iron Man bonus - 10 DKP for every 3 Barefoot slaughtered without wipe - not counting the musics
1'st kill - 20DKP - fixed dn.21.05.2013


BIDDING as follows: Raid a leader or a person appointed as a leader exposes Master Loot Item / token for auction. Each of the people who are interested write on / in to the person they want to spend a token (not less than 10 DKP)
Winner is the person who gave the most amount of money for DKP person behind her one.

NP. A bid and writes to / in the person issuing the ITEM / TOKEN 100 DKP, and B for 70DKP bid, wins the item A for 71 DKP. Pure mathematics Smile

The Guild is divided into Main and Alt. Each person can have max. 2 Main Character.

Bidding is as follows:

1) Main - main spec
2) Alt - main spec
3) 4all - for Gold

Change main / spec 'and must be approved by the GM and Officers.
The raid force spec for which we collect gear. The person who changed build can be punished, in extreme cases, expelled from the Guild.

Angels will be punished for:

1 Pull (accidental or happy) causes wipe the raid -100 -30 g in the absence of DKP / / If the person does not have enough DKP points they will remain in negative territory.
2 Leaving the raid ahead of time, without notice RL -20 DKP.
3 No potions, Flasks, or elixir -10 DKP / / Filmaster status -50 DKP (from each approach).
4 We are Guild PvE so anyone who is not on the raids will be deleted.
5 No macr or non-adherence to the beating boss tactics -30 DKP.
6 Absence in a mumble during a raid -10 DKP / unless it was submitted before the raid / If this does not help - the exclusion of a group of radio.
8 AFK without notice RL -20 DKP for each additional 10 minutes -10 DKP.
9 A person who is AFK and do not come back by itself after a certain time -20 DKP for each additional 5 minutes.
10th Gush - 20 DKP (flying from the machine).
11th Need to offspec  -1000 item's DKP and some talking to do (out after three raids) For MH / BT / SWP.
12th Submission of an application for admission to another guild effect kicks.

Strictly prohibited:

1 Insults, rudeness and vulgarity / / reduction in rank to New kick in extreme cases.
2 Offering support for gold / apply to members of the guild / reduction in rank to New kick in extreme cases.
3 Robbing GB and / or routine use of other guild members / / kick.
4 Participation in the raids, which does not organize Guild / / -50% DKP and / or degradation. Exceptions Karazhan/ZA/T4.
5 Breaking the Rules http://strona.hellground.net/page/regulamin server.

Ranks are awarded depending on the state DKP life time.
New to the amount of DKP 200 receives nothing more appropriate to the range of your character ;-)
Guild Master - the manager Guild
Officer - The founders and most dedicated people in the Guild - honorary rank
Tank - people taking the mobs and bosses on chest xD
Heal - a person rescuing us
DPS - kox in guild
Alt-second embodiment of Angels
New-person again and the period of two weeks or a 200 DKP
Some talking to do-the person who needs help / advice  / is to be thrown away
Each person may have maina and alta sharing the same highest rank maina (req. 70lev).

* The first two weeks is a trial period.and you must have min.200 DKP

Terms and conditions may vary, please become familiar with the changes.

In the future we will repair the GB for Everyone (guild member) which will definitely reduce your repair expenses Smile

IMPORTANT: Our guild does not play for anyone but for all, "not dress altos boots", playing at our Guild is to give pleasure, Wow is a time sink but it's better to lose him in good company than before the TV ;-) Everyone has the right not to know "something" of the founders of the guild are we to always help, answered by, advise, it is worth asking. Stress is possible to live in school or at work. Play with us to be a time of relaxation ;-)
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